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Log Siding

If you want your home to look like a log home with energy savings, lower maintenance, and an economical payback, then e-log is right for you!

Log siding can make any home a log home! Insulated composite e-logs are engineered to make sensible use of our natural resources, address the high cost and limited supply of the earth’s energy fuels, and for compatibility with 21st century “green” building techniques and siding material advancements. Laminated beams are typically stronger and more stable then solid single core beams.

The laminating process of the e-log offers a similar advantage to log siding. Our laminating process allows the e-log to be physically larger and more realistic then conventional log siding that you are able to purchase from any lumberyard or mill. If you want to set your home apart and really look like a log home then e-log is right for you!

It is quite amazing how far we have come in the log siding industry. Most people have no clue where it all started and why people originally wanted these looks on their home. It really wasn’t because they liked the style of the logs, they mainly used the log siding because it was convenient and inexpensive at the time. The beginning of log sided homes can be dated back to the early 1900s, where people would use the leftover slabs from sawmills as siding for their houses. At one point you could even find entire towns that were using these slabs, thus the term “slab town”.

Over time people started to want their log siding to look a bit more uniform and neat. They were able to produce certain sizes and that is where you see some of the sizes that we have today. They were also able to make the weather tight seal that they needed too. Before you knew what happened, this idea started to take off too and popped up all over the place.

Then there were those that took it to the next level after that. They came up with a product that was called a half log. Basically they took a log and sawed it down the center and created two halves that could be used for siding. Then people were able to get the appearance of having a full size log without having to actually have one. The problem with that is that it took an extremely long time to get the half logs into place and steady. So, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a better way to do things.

That better way eventually came, and it was known as vinyl siding. Once they were able to bring in the vinyl and have it look like logs, people all over started to make the switch. You can still find half logs and many other real options for logs available today though. The log vinyl siding just remains one of the most inexpensive choices if you want to have the look without spending that much money

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